Barracuda Mobile

Rather than your mobile workers travelling to the office to collect and submit their paperwork - wouldn't it be easier and faster for them to electronically collect them onto their mobile device?

The Barracuda Mobile app replaces their clipboards with electronic mobile forms. How many times have job sheets come back spoilt or incomplete? Barracuda mobile makes sure everything is input correctly and sent back instantly.

How long does it take your admin staff to type up the necessary back office forms from the paper job sheets? Barracuda Mobile automatically generates those documents with no re-keying.

How often do quotation sheets get lost or written on scraps of paper in front of the customer? Barracuda Mobile is more efficient and more professional looking; it captures all the necessary data and instantly emails your sales team.

We understand that each business is different, however the above lists just a few of the benefits you could gain from using Barracuda Mobile.


  • Use your own customised forms to capture information, have us design them to your needs.
  • Capture data, signatures, photographs, mandatory items, locked Items, barcodes, RFID and more.
  • Intuitive and user friendly interface requires virtually no training.
  • Syncronises automatically online via mobile networks and WIFI - operates fully offline too.
  • Syncing of Asset lists - useful for equipment lists or drill down lists for problem solving.
  • Logically moves between pages and processes on-the-spot calculations.
  • Lists jobs for the day and those upcoming.
  • Blank Form facility for on the spot quotations and other sporadic tasks.
  • Auto connects to Barracuda Task Manager and keeps itself up-to-date.
  • Secure encrypted database, software and communications. MOD PENetration tested.

Barracuda Task Manager

Barracuda Task Manager provides a website portal for you to control your mobile jobs easily and efficiently.

There are products available today that will allow you to build mobile forms and install them on devices. But with Barracuda Task Manager all your forms are synced with all your workers mobile devices giving them access to the lastest forms at all times.

Barracuda Task Manager gives you a complete end-to-end system to raise jobs, have them completed and auto fill your back office documents with the data. The easy to use website gives an overview of jobs, showing those outstanding, in progress and completed in real time.

Facilities are provided to export your data, making it easier to list all jobs completed at months end.

Many other options can also be set; features such as Approval Mode where data can be amended before being saved, or Accept/Decline mode which gives your mobile worker the opportunity to reject issued jobs and state a reason.

If you require a high level of security or direct integration with an existing system, Barracuda Server can be purchased to operate directly from your own facility. Additionally the Barracuda Task Manager can be bypassed using the Barracuda API to directly link mobile devices to your own solution.

Form Building & Barracuda Studio

Let us take your existing paper forms and convert them into mobile forms for your devices.

The Form Building Service includes design and publishing of the Mobile Form pages, and the replication of your existing backoffice paperwork in a format that can be used by popular software packages such as Microsoft Office.

Barracuda Studio

If you have many forms that need to be maintained regularly, Barracuda Studio allows you to maintain these yourself.

Barracuda allows multiple form types to be accommodated on the mobile device. When a form changes the Barracuda system automatically ensures that the changes are issued to any mobile device that requires them.

The system is clever enough to maintain different versions of the same form ensuring that jobs issued under both the original forms design and it’s replacement behave as expected.

Any changes made to a form can be instantly published with one click. Users of the Barracuda Task Manager can interact with the form and pre-populate it before sending it out to a mobile worker.

Barracuda API

For system developers looking to add mobile devices to thier existing software solution - the web based Barracuda API allows jobs to be processed without the need to use the Barracuda Task Manager.

XML can be passed to and fro against a number of well designed and documented secure web interfaces directly on the Barracuda Server. To your end users the data will seamlessly flow between their mobile devices and your system.

As data is passed it allows many varied types of systems to connect, either locally or remotely, and gain the benefits of a mobile solution fast.

Many Software Vendors have implemented the Barracuda API, one of which handles thousands of Jobs daily. GSD Associates have recently used the Barracuda API to link seamlessly to their Momentum lifting and calibration system.

Currently 31 different interfaces are available to manage mobile workers, devices and jobs.

API features include

  • Create, amend, delete and re-allocate Jobs.
  • Retreive lists of users and devices.
  • Poll for Job Status.
  • Generate documents.
  • Maintain large synchronised lookup lists.

If you want to link to a third party system where the original source code can’t link into the Barracuda API, we are able to provide a Windows Server Service which can be configured to integrate with your SQL Server database and execute stored procedures to push / pull Barracuda jobs.

We can also construct black-box Windows services which dip into your database directly and push / pull Barracuda Jobs. This is subject to consultation with you to determine the feasability and any technical / legal constraints.