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Morgan Lambert provides services designed to assist Social Housing Providers in managing their gas activities, fulfilling their duties as a Landlord and maintaining compliance with the regulatory codes.

Morgan Lambert has Auditors covering the UK, and due to the increasing volume of audits being undertaken, the business sought after an electronic system for capturing this information to improve the accuracy of the data collection process and to also allow the data to be returned much faster.

Since 2009 Barracuda has been used to provide Morgan Lambert with the ability to 'raise' blank forms to capture audit information from their mobile device. The process enforces certain fields to be completed, and also assists the Auditor by showing lists that update frequently with the current Contractor and Client names.

The completed forms are received by the Barracuda system and then imported into a customer portal.

Moving to Android Tablet Devices - the larger screen has dramatically decreased the number of 'pages' the Auditor needs to move between when completing a form, and with the addition of new 'Barracuda Touch' controls the form can be completed as accurately as before - but even faster.

"Barracuda has enabled our organisation to stay ahead of the competition, with our bespoke reporting system. I cannot thank Simon Bromley and his team enough, regarding their support and professionalism - long may our partnership continue" - Simon Millington - Managing Director, Morgan Lambert Ltd