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Granada Cranes & Handling are based in Oldbury in the West Midlands and are an established manufacturer, service and repair organisation with over 20 years experience of overhead cranes, jib cranes, hoists, gantries, vacuum lifters and lifting equipment.

Having a number of Engineers dispersed over a wide area meant that getting accurate job information to / from them in a timely and accurate manner was a huge problem using a paper based system.

Granada Cranes & Handling depended upon around a dozen key paper forms being completed accurately, including a Job Sheet, Risk Assessment and Service Sheets. Invoicing could not take place until the paper forms were returned.

Being able to use many electronic forms on a single mobile device - and allow seamless form changes to be transparently distributed was a key element for choosing Barracuda from Tang Solutions Ltd.

Using the existing Granada Cranes & Handling paper forms as a basis the new electronic forms were constructed in a manner that made the forms both familiar to the Engineers, but also enforced key attributes of the form, such as enforcing a Risk Assessment prior to work starting, and enforcing mandatory fields.

The engineers now have their work load issued electronically, and upon completion the job data is communicated to the office efficiently and more accurately than before. Granada Cranes & Handling have reduced wasted time and costs by requiring the engineers to drive to / from the office to manage their paperwork, can provide their customers and themselves with more timely and accurate data, and can be alerted automatically of any issues that the engineers may report.

Barracuda was introduced into Granada Cranes & Handling in 2006 and is now fully integrated with their back office system and a customer portal developed by Tang Solutions Ltd.

"Through Tang Solutions Barracuda system and technology Granada were able to pioneer within our industry a paperless system that since, although imitated has not been replicated or bettered to this day. The new features that are being added all the time enable us to grow and develop our system continuously, therefore enabling us to stay ahead of the competition with new innovative systems. Barracuda and the partnership with Tang Solutions has become an integral part of Granada Cranes and Handling's business which we hope and believe will long continue." - Nick McLoughlin - Manager