About Barracuda

Use Barracuda to remove physical paperwork from your remote workers, issue job sheets electronically, capture signatures on-site, automate back office paperwork, reduce your turnaround times and improve your image.

Barracuda provides a simple end-to-end mobile solution for your business - just log on and use it.

In its simplest form Barracuda can be purchased and configured to run standalone and help you improve the turnaround time on jobs being undertaken off site. Alternatively it may be integrated into your existing back office system at any time. Use Barracuda Task Manager to securely interact with your forms and issue them to remote workers. When the job is complete, have Barracuda Task Manager generate the office paperwork for you.

Its highly flexible - mobile forms are quickly designed to your requirements. Barracuda can handle a mixture of form types and optionally allow mobile workers to raise blank forms for those unexpected moments in-the-field.

Your back office system may already provide the links necessary to seamlessly integrate Barracuda into you business - we can look and inform you of what’s required.

Barracuda provides the mobile application and online portal to send, track and receive mobile jobs. Upon jobs being completed the information can be merged automatically into your familiar documents.

By removing the physical paper chain between office and remote worker, Barracuda speeds up the cycle for you and your customers and ensures more accurate data capture, giving a highly professional and sophisticated image.

Barracuda is a Software as a Service solution, its simple and clear cut, you pay a monthly payment for each mobile device software licence you require. The cost per month depends upon the complexity of forms and anticipated use - which is all agreed with you up front.

A one-off setup fee includes the cost of configuring the mobile forms and related back office documents to exactly how you want them. Call us to give you an estimate of costs and explain how this works in more detail.

If you are running a larger business, we have a range of Add-Ons and Integration options available to you including; Forms Designer, Vehicle Tracking and Back Office Solutions for Lifting and Calibration, Risk Assessment, Gas Safety Inspection, Delivery and more.

For Enterprise

Barracuda has been chosen by a number of large businesses looking to extend their current system or require self hosting.

Due to the sensitivity, volume and growing demand of data, your enterprise may require a mobile extension to either your own internally maintained existing system or a system from a third party. Barracuda is a system flexible and resilient enough to cope when this challenge is demanded.

Contact us and let us show you how the Barracuda API and other Barracuda Services can connect to your business systems, and how the Barracuda Studio can allow your business to respond quickly to both business and legislative changes.

We can also demonstrate and discuss how the Barracuda Mobile client software is designed to securely operate even with no data connection - and be extended to your needs.

For Integrators

Barracuda provides an API allowing seamless and secure integration into your own established systems.

Using our web based API you can securely connect to Barracuda and seamlessly push/pull jobs - bringing mobile data capture directly into your current software portfolio.

Our solution allows you to define your mobile application to your own specification and extend your product using a tried and tested solution that is wholly owned, developed and supported in the UK.

This gives you a faster and more cost effective solution than developing your own product from scratch.

Developed By Tang Solutions

With over fifteen years experience Tang Solutions is a leader in mobile data capture for all sizes of business.

Based in one of the UK’s leading technology hubs, Tang Solutions is a well established pioneer in providing workable mobile workforce solutions. Originally developing Barracuda in 2002, Tang Solutions has implimented systems into many businesses worldwide and continues to develop bespoke software for leading enterprise businesses.